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Our Company Goal is…

To make the shearing industry more accessible to people willing to experience what it has to offer.

To encourage people to go abroad to share their knowledge as well as gain knowledge from others.

To create a network of highly qualified and experienced workers and contractors that improve the quality of our industry as a whole.

Emily Te Kapa

Growing up in the shearing industry and as part of a large shearing and contracting family, I have been fortunate enough to see all corners of the world as a shearer. Starting as a wool handler and lambing assistant in my school holidays, it fueled a passion for sheep husbandry which led to a full time career after leaving school at 18.
Travelling to Norway and New Zealand was a great introduction into travel and key exposure to the financial benefits of a full time career in the sheds.

Lucky enough to be given the opportunity to learn how to shear in 2013, this opened the door to so many more opportunities around the world but also competitively and since then, I’ve worked and competed in France, Germany, Norway, Italy, Falkland Islands, Australia, New Zealand, as well as, parts of UK, Ireland and Isle of Man.

The chance to get out in the world on my own made me grow more confident, make friends for life and gave me goals I can realistically work towards every season. I believe it’s important to cease any opportunity this life gives you and thanks to this unique industry you have all the tools and flexibility to achieve anything you want.

What can I do for you?

I am committed to finding the right jobs for the right people.
I know how hard it can be to find your place in this industry but the relief and comfort you get when you find the perfect job is the best thing we can ask for as we move through our careers.

I also understand the importance of having a happy crew.
I am here as a third party to make the informed decisions you dread when hiring and to take away the stress of blindly accepting people and jobs from social media, based on referencing and profiling.

All you need to do is tell me about you and your business and the search can begin!

‘TIKI Recruit.’

Te Iwi Kahu International Recruitment (very) loosely translated from Maori as “The Tribe Carer”. Te Iwi Kahu being the Maori name of my father David “Joe” Te Kapa, the most influential man in my life for his dedication to the industry and general kind, loving nature.

I wanted this business to reflect his caring and social character, with the shearing industry being one big community, I also thought it very fitting that his name could translate as someone who cared for his tribe, ie. our shearing family.

Without Joe and his legacy, I would not have been able to go half the places I’ve been, know half the people I know and be half the person I am today.

Te Iwi Kahu International Recruitment

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