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We understand that with social media you can find a seasonal worker without too much hassle these days, but what do you really know about them? There are so many variables in seasonal work that can be make or break a worker, and there is nothing worse than losing a worker halfway through a season or worse, them not turn up at all!

Some of the questions you need to consider before hiring a new worker include:

  • Will they turn up?
  • Will they shear to the expected quality?
  • Do they have a good attitude?
  • Will they stay for the whole contracted season?
  • Do they have respect for you, your property and the farmers?
  • Are they willing to adapt to new processes?
  • Can they shear as many as you need them to?
  • What skills can they offer to the outfit?
  • Are they vegan and will they try and disgrace our honest lifestyle?
Why TIKI Recruit.?


We make sure to get good references for all the workers that register their information with us to get an understanding of their work ethic, abilities and strengths as well as where they aim to improve and areas they aspire to work on.
This information is valuable for what they can, not only, offer your run but also what they can gain from working with you.


We like to know how a worker performs before they are put in touch with a contractor. It’s important to have someone suited to your run, which is why we ask so many questions in the registration to get a feel for your needs.
We want to make sure the shearer can fulfill how many sheep you need shorn in the right time frame, if they live up to the quality standard your run has the reputation for and if they match your attitude to work.


It can be difficult to know what the person is like before you welcome them into your world. We think it’s really important to have a good character reference on someone to understand what your work relationship or even your living circumstances will look like for the coming season. We get to know the workers with reference, good communication and often meet to create a comprehensive understanding of their values and strengths to make sure that they will fit right into your shearing family.


When you hire someone blind, you never really now what their background is. We think it’s important to know what the worker can do for your business, it’s also good to translate how someone will perform oversees depending on their attitude and predict what they’ll be like out of a comfort zone.
We find our strength in this industry is realising people’s potential and what they can bring to your run. Can you learn from their routines? Will their reputation reflect on you as a business leader?

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