Border Limitations

27 Mar 2021

The biggest hurdle for the people of our industry to date! Unfortunately the world has been locked down for an entire year as of this week and it’s been a tough one to navigate for most of us.
The ongoing conditions around the world continue to be difficult and unfortunately are a massive limitation to our work flow for the year.

For the time being, this means that this site cannot work to it’s FULL potential, however I am more than excited to keep connecting people nation wide! Whether you’re based in the UK, Europe, NZ or Australia, there are ways to extend your season. Getting connected regionally can also fill in some gaps in income that you might be extra grateful for this year.

A brief overview of the current limitations:

United Kingdom:
UK continues to be in lock down and people are encouraged to stay indoors with restrictions being revised in the next week with varying regional outcomes.
Travel into the UK is Denied to people travelling from ‘Red Travel Zones’
Isolation is required when travelling from overseas in the place you normally stay or a manged isolation hotel. The details and links for more isolation information can be found …here

Brexit resulted in restrictions as of the 1st January 2021 which has led to the usual Visa by Appointment agreement with the National Association of Agricultural Contractors being suspended. As I’m sure they continue to negotiate this with government, this means the UK will need to source workers internally again this year whilst also complying with the Covid-19 Restrictions.

Covid-19 continues to put a halt to Australian immigration.
Exceptions do apply and some travel can be organised
Quarantines are required to travelers however there is no mandatory quarantine travelling to AUS from NZ and other ‘Green Safe Travel Zones’
Travelling between states is also limited and that information can be found …here

New Zealand:
Exceptions do apply and some travel can be organised
Managed Isolation is mandatory to all arrivals to New Zealand
New Zealand continues to be in an a low level restriction as of this date.
Charges may apply as per this flow chart and the prices and more info can be found …here

Just a quick overview to our main travel hubs for shearers at this time of year and hopefully something to help plan for the coming months.

Take care, look after the people around you and wash your hands

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